AI at the Core.
Humans at the Helm.

AI at the Core.
Humans at the Helm.

Connecting with your existing marketing technology stack and data sources, Amplero AI Marketing Hub helps today's brands build lasting customer relationships at scale.


Hire a machine.
Don't be one.

Amplero Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) fuels customer revenue and retention lift for some of the world’s largest brands.

  • + Experiment, learn, and optimize each interaction throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • + Liberate your marketers from manual rules-based processes. Run thousands of tests at the velocity of the modern consumer.

  • + Build lasting customer relationships by creating optimal customer interactions—every time.

AI, meet ROI

Featured Amplero AI Marketing Hub Customers

Today's increasingly connected customers are forcing every company in the gaming industry to get much smarter about marketing and how we engage with our customers. We are excited about Amplero's Artificial Intelligence Marketing so we can utilize machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to continuously optimize our messaging based on ever-changing behavioral dimensions to drive significantly improved customer experiences and, ultimately, drive topline revenue growth.

John Lowe, Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Xbox

Missing even one critical interaction in the hyper-competitive telecommunications market can lead to lost sales, unhappy customers, and reduced market share. Utilizing artificial intelligence to adaptively optimize every customer interaction, Amplero AIM has helped us increase campaign ROI by 650% and drove millions in topline revenue. Further, we’re excited to now be applying Amplero to address prepaid subscriber churn.

Angela Sigley-Rittgers, CMO, Sprint Prepaid Brands

Amplero Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)

  1. Amplero Decisions

    Amplero Decisions

    Embrace the power and scale of AI to continuously optimize interactions throughout the customer relationship.

  2. Amplero Insights

    Amplero Insights

    Increase your marketing velocity with AI-surfaced insights, real-time reports, and powerful exploration capabilities.

  3. Amplero Audiences

    Amplero Audiences

    Gain a unified, longitudinal view of your customer and discover dynamic audience clusters based on the customer signals that matter most.

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