Lasting relationships are built on trust

Amplero exists to build lasting relationships between brands and their customers. This requires the utmost care and integrity in the handling of customer data. We are driven to protect your data and provide great value to you and your business.

Top Security Features

Data Encryption
We maintain and enforce strict policies that incorporate industry best practices, client agreements and regulatory requirements. All sensitive data is strongly encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • Data Retention
    Accurate historical data is key for effective marketing, so most customers allow us to retain data for the duration of the contract. Data retention periods can be fine-tuned to meet your organization’s security requirements.

  • Data Ownership
    Your customer data belongs to you. We process your data to provide the services contractually agreed upon. We never mine or share your data for/ with unauthorized sources.

  • Access Control
    We provide roles-based access control, meaning different levels of access are available based on job classification and needs. Two-factor authentication is used.

Monitoring and Communication
We monitor all marketing processes and integrate with multiple alerting mechanisms, so you always are aware of any system issues or downtime.

Change Management
All systems are backed up prior to production deployments; backup and restoration procedures are tested quarterly. All changes to the production environments are tracked and logged to ensure compliance.

Data Breach Mitigation
All data is encrypted at rest. In the event of a breach, the incident is reported to clients and all documentation and audit logs are retained until completion of the investigation (or a minimum of 1 year).

Avoid the AI Black Box

AI Marketing doesn’t have to be a black box. And Amplero is not one.

AI is a tool that can help sophisticated marketing scale and to be most effective. As a tool, we need to keep humans at the helm. How do we do this?

Eligibilities and Auditable Decisions
As programs are set up, you enter all available assets along with any sanity constraints. In essence, you create the eligibilities and Amplero AI Marketing creates the probabilities. Amplero is your partner in eliminating potential negative customer interactions while serving up any potential positive ones to create the optimal customer experience over the entire post-acquisition customer journey. In addition, all decisions made by Amplero AIM are captured and auditable in case you should need to find out why an individual received a given message or offer.

  • Real-time Dashboards and Reports
    Check out how a program is performing while it is in market, in days versus weeks or months. With real-time reports, marketers are empowered to think strategically based on current in-market conditions.

Learned Insights
Amplero AIM proactively surfaces key themes and patterns, giving you and your team visibility into findings without dependencies on other teams to run reports and conduct analysis.

Open Learnings
Review findings in Amplero AIM reports or export to share with others in the organization. Amplero AIM allows data science and other teams in your organization to engage with Amplero reports, as well as export to preferred tools to dig even deeper into results.

To learn more about Amplero's commitment to security and transparency or to see Amplero AI Marketing in action, contact us today.