The CMO's Guide to Artificial Intelligence Marketing

84% of marketing leaders surveyed plan to adopt or expand their AI marketing initiatives within the next year, according to a recent Forrester study.

The rise of AI reflects key changes in consumer behavior and data proliferation, as customers fluidly interact with brands across channels, industries and devices—all in real-time. While marketers increasingly seek to deliver personalized, highly contextual experiences, they struggle to close the gap between the vortex of available data, new channels, and ever-evolving customer behavior.

AI is everywhere—that is, if you believe the hype.

Marketers evaluating artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) solutions are faced with a market so filled with sales hype and opaque proprietary data science that wading through the waters is a tough proposition for even the most-savvy enterprise buyer.

With this in mind, Amplero launched “How to Hire a Machine: The CMO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Marketing."

As a comprehensive resource for B2C marketing leaders, this guide is intended to enable marketers to answer these essential questions:

+ What is AI?

+ Which AI technologies are ready now for marketers?

+ Which AI technologies can have the biggest impact on my business and my customers?

+ How should I evaluate vendors and solutions?

Whether you’re exploring an AIM solution to continuously optimize the entire customer experience or to drive channel-specific ROI, this is your official starting point.

If you’re ready to explore the Amplero Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform, request a demo to get started.

About Amplero

Launched with AI at the core and used by companies across the globe, Amplero’s award-winning AIM technology experiments, learns, and optimizes each interaction as customer relationships evolve. Intelligently orchestrating meaningful, individualized cross-channel experiences, Amplero AI Marketing Cloud drives measurable lift for the metrics that matter most.

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