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Conversations at the Core with Bob Kelly

mplero has launched a new editorial series focused on the people who are rethinking the way brands and consumers interact.

It’s a place where core conversations are taking place on the evolution of AI and the modern enterprise and how it impacts our communities.

Our first conversation is with Ignition Managing Partner Bob Kelly.  Bob joined Ignition in 2017, bringing more than 20 years of experience with him from Microsoft where he held a variety of positions, most recently holding the position of Corporate Vice President for the Cloud + Enterprise Business Development and Strategy team where he drove the merger and acquisition strategy and coordination of cross-division strategic planning. During his tenure, Bob played an integral leadership role in defining how Microsoft goes to market with server and cloud computing, and was instrumental in growing the Windows Server business from a relatively new product to a market leader, and helping to shape Microsoft’s $20+ billion server and tools business. He was also instrumental in the early days of Microsoft Azure, helping it grow into one of the industry’s leading cloud platforms. 

Bob recently sat down with Amplero to shares candid thoughts on everything from enterprise software to English literature. 

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Thought Leadership

Thinking outside the cart: How retailers can Prime-proof customer loyalty in 2018

by Jen Weiss

Despite website glitches in the early hours of 2018 Prime Day, Amazon still reported a record-setting 100 million products purchased by Prime members in the 36 hour sales event.

What was introduced as a celebratory tie-in to Amazon’s 20th anniversary has become the anticipated summer sales event that overtakes Black Friday. Amazon uses Prime Day to test lucrative sale items, increase membership sign-ups, and build loyalty among consumers. And other major retailers are following suit, from Alibaba’s Singles’ Day to Nordstrom’s popular Anniversary Sale.

In fact, Target reported the highest single day of traffic and sales on its website this year, and Adobe Digital Index measured a similar effect across other large retailers ($1 billion+ in annual revenue) who saw a 54 percent increase in online sales versus average on Prime Day.

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Thought Leadership

Sorry. Something went wrong on our end.

Researchers expect shoppers to spend an estimated $3.4 billion during Amazon’s shopping frenzy on Prime Day.

But then their site went down. Then their stock went down.

While meeting the “dogs of Amazon” might have softened customer attitudes toward the poor performance, the truth of Prime Day is that despite the massive amounts of customer behavioral data available, the 36-hour shopping experience offers very little in the way of relevance to the individual customer beyond price discounts.

Instead, it’s likely the biggest loss leader in retail history because Amazon understands an important truth: Prime Day isn’t really about Prime Day. It’s about where shoppers are spending money the rest of the year.

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