10 Critical Questions To Ask Any AI Marketing Vendor

Avoid costly AI integration and execution pitfalls

As marketers increasingly seek to deliver personalized, highly contextual experiences, they struggle to close the gap between the vortex of available data, new channels, and constantly evolving customer behavior. In most cases, enterprises have already sunk millions into building the data ecosystem infrastructure to integrate all their data sources and gain a unified profile of their customer.

However, rules-based campaign management, automation, and personalization tools have still proven to be a resource bottleneck in delivering highly contextual, 1:1 consumer experiences at scale for most enterprise marketing teams.

Despite a robust flow of event-level customer data, marketers are still stuck writing if/then statements, manually building static segments, and creating hypothesis and overgeneralizing results for each experiment.

To solve for this challenge, marketers and technology vendors are increasingly looking to core AI marketing platforms that act as intelligent orchestration layers to continuously optimize the customer journey across every channel. Replacing rules-based systems, these new-breed platforms are allowing marketers to run thousands of experiments simultaneously to automatically determine the experience that delivers the highest value against their key performance indicators (KPIs).

While this sounds great, marketers evaluating artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) solutions are faced with a market so filled with sales hype and opaque, proprietary data science, that wading through the waters is a tough proposition for even the most-savvy enterprise buyer.

From existing marketing clouds applying ad hoc AI capabilities for channel-specific use cases to core AIM platforms delivering value against long-term KPIs, the last thing a marketer wants to do is invest in enterprise AI technology—or any technology—and be saddled with tool that doesn’t deliver as promised.

With considerable potential for integration and implementation pitfalls that will quickly cut into your ROI and organizational momentum, here are the 10 critical questions you should ask any AI vendor before investing in their solution:

  1. Which stages of the marketing process would still be managed by humans, and what is handled by your machine?
  2. Can I set guardrails to protect brand and customer experience?
  3. What kinds of data can your system ingest?
  4. What channels can your system optimize?
  5. What aspects of campaign management does your system optimize?
  6. Can the AI optimize for longterm KPIs such as 45-day revenue lift and 60-day retention?
  7. Can it scale to tens of millions of customers and experiences?
  8. How does the AI adapt to external factors that may impact results (e.g., a competitor launching a new product or price point to disrupt the market)?
  9. Does the AI platform proactively surface insights that would not be intuited through human analysis?
  10. Can a BI analyst or data scientist drill-down or export data for offline analysis and modeling?

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About Andrew Toner

As Chief Technology Officer at Amplero, Andrew Toner brings deep expertise in scaling high-growth, high-volume software organizations with a focus on cloud infrastructure.

Prior to Amplero, Toner led teams that built and operated global software solutions at Microsoft and Amazon. Most recently, he served as Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft, where he built a team that transformed the way Microsoft deploys its cloud infrastructure.

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Toner has also held a software architecture role at Seattle Sounders FC and was a mentor at 9Mile Labs, a high-tech accelerator focused on enterprise and B2B software and cloud technologies.

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With Amplero, marketers in competitive, customer-obsessed industries like telecom, banking, gaming and consumer tech are currently seeing measurable lift across key performance indicators—including 1-3% incremental growth in customer topline revenue and 3-5x lift in retention rates.

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