Incite Summit: AI and Authenticity

Download Amplero CMO Matt Fleckenstein's Incite Marketing Summit Presentation

Last week’s Incite Marketing Summit in San Francisco highlighted an emerging alchemy of engagement for today’s marketers.

With sessions from Twitch, Charles Schwab, Dignity Health, Starbucks, and Microsoft, storytelling and authenticity blended with advanced attribution and artificial intelligence marketing.

At the center of these seemingly disparate disciplines dwells one singular mandate—you must be radically relevant with the consumer.

Moderating sessions with Sears, GE, and Legendary Entertainment, Union and Webster’s CEO Gina Michnowicz summed it up succinctly: “Personalization is far more than just tailoring in an email.”

From customer lifetime value retention metrics to building brand and content naratives, Incite was a microcosm of the challenges and opportunities currently facing customer-obsessed brands. How can you be personally relevant at scale, with millions of consumers?

Shutterfly’s Vice President of CRM Marketing, Brian Border, led a compelling talk on how personalization is driving long-term customer lifetime value. Demar Amacker from the San Francisco 49ers, Ana Villegas of Dell, and Chad Weiner of Mozilla had a compelling conversation on meaningful revenue metrics amongst the flood of customer data.

Two sessions, in particular, focused on new AI technologies.

Rahul Todkar, Vice President of Marketing Analytics and Data Science at Charles Schwab, and Kriti Kapoor, Global Director of Social Customer Care, talked about how they’re leveraging AI, deep learning, and chatbots to deliver deeper customer understanding and scale a personalized customer experience.

Meanwhile, Amplero CMO Matt Fleckenstein took the stage to discuss Sprint's AI-fueled Prepaid Digital Transformation in his presentation, "Hire a Machine. Don't be One."

Fleckenstein explained how Sprint is currently using machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to optimize every interaction across the customer journey via the Amplero AIM Platform.

If you happened to miss his session last week, we’ve made the full presentation available for download below.


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About Amplero

Headquartered in Seattle, Amplero is an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) company that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers at global brands to optimize customer lifetime value at a scale that is not humanly possible.

Unlike traditional rules-based marketing automation systems, Amplero’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to dynamically test thousands of permutations to adaptively optimize every customer interaction and maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.

With Amplero, marketers in competitive, customer-obsessed industries like telecom, banking, gaming and consumer tech are currently seeing measurable lift across key performance indicators—including 1-3% incremental growth in customer topline revenue and 3-5x lift in retention rates.

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