AI at the Core: 2017 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange

Amplero to host 2017 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange in San Francisco on May 9

It’s no secret. Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) solutions are rapidly transforming the entire marketing landscape.
In fact, 80 percent of all marketing executives predict artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing by 2020, according to a recent Wakefield/Demandbase study. Meanwhile, Venturebeat benchmarks the desire for highly contextual, personalized experiences at 77.5 percent for the rising millennial demographic. The companies that can’t deliver these experiences are increasingly under threat of losing marketshare to early movers and category outsiders.

On May 9 at San Francisco’s MoAD, Amplero is hosting an invitation-only event, AI at the Core: 2017 Artificial Intelligence Marketing Exchange designed to spark mission-critical insights and dialogue into how AI and machine learning is revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape.

As part of an exclusive 2017 MarTech Conference pre-show innovator program, attendees will hear how AI experts and Fortune 1000 companies, such as Sprint and Microsoft, have integrated core AI technology to optimize every customer interaction to drive significant KPI lift.

Featured AI at the Core speakers include:

  • Scott McCorkle, Former CEO, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Angela Sigley-Rittgers CMO, Boost and Virgin Mobile, Sprint
  • Ian Thomas, Principal GPM, Customer Data & Analytics, Microsoft
  • Kristen Simmons, CMO, Experian Consumer Services
  • Olly Downs, PhD, CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Amplero

Attendees will gain essential CMO-level insight into evaluating AI marketing technologies in 2017. With real-world examples from Fortune 1000 brands, this year’s exchange is designed to help today’s marketing leadership move beyond AI hype into KPI-driven adoption.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. How do I understand the difference between core AI and bolt-on AI technologies?
  2. How do modern AI tools fit within my current enterprise marketing stack?
  3. How do I evaluate the ROI of a potential AI investment?
  4. Do I need to fire my data scientists? How do I structure my teams to support AI technologies?
  5. What types of organizational partnerships do I need to make a new AI initiative successful?

To learn more about the AI exchange or to request an invite, please visit AI at the Core.

Space is limited, so please submit your request as soon as possible.