Four ways machine learning can make marketing smarter: Amplero featured on

Amplero CMO Matt Fleckenstein was recently featured on for his take on how machine learning technologies are disrupting the marketing industry.

While marketers are still learning how to fully leverage machine-learning and adaptive experimentation to drive personalization at scale and optimize customer lifetime value, the article provides a solid overview of some of the benefits of implementing machine learning technologies into existing enterprise marketing technology stacks.

Read an excerpt from the article:
Machine learning, a field traditionally dominated by data scientists, has become a marketer’s best friend, especially for industries that rely on continually earning the customer’s share of wallet.

As more and more companies overhaul their business models to evolve from having a transactional relationship with their customers to a service relationship, CMOs are looking to machine learning to provide the intelligence, scalability, and experimentation to ensure their marketing efforts are continually optimizing customer lifetime value...

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Founded in 2016, Amplero is a customer lifetime value management platform that enables marketers to achieve what's not humanly possible by leveraging machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to automatically optimize every customer interaction to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty. Using Amplero, marketers in telecom, banking and finance, gaming, and software-as-a-service have seen more than three percent incremental growth in customer revenue and five times retention benefit, often touching their customers less frequently while delivering great omni-channel customer experiences. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter.