Founders for Change aims to improve diversity and inclusion at startups and VC firms

Amplero Founder Olly Downs, PhD, joins Dropbox, Lyft, AirBnB, Stitch Fix founders in new coalition

Seattle, Wash., March 20, 2018 – Founders for Change launched this week with more than 400 founders and CEOs calling for more diversity and inclusion throughout the tech industry and venture capital investment ecosystem.

Amplero Founder and Chief Scientist Olly Downs, PhD, is among the group, which also includes Dropbox chief executive Drew Houston; Logan Green and John Zimmer of Lyft; Airbnb’s chief executive, Brian Chesky; and founders of public companies such as Katrina Lake of Stitch Fix.

Founders for Change brings together venture-backed founders who are dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion within their companies, and desire greater diversity at the highest levels of VC firms. According to the coalition, many founders are disappointed by the lack of diversity when seeking investment partners and want to accelerate diversity in the tech ecosystem overall.

“When Dana Settle, founding partner at Amplero’s Series B co-lead investor Greycroft, asked us to join Founders for Change, I was honored to be given a chance to participate,” said Downs. “Improving inclusion and diversity at Amplero within a respectful, fun, and driven environment has become very personal to me.”

Featured in the New York Times, the coalition released a strong statement on Tuesday underlining their mission:

"I believe in a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. I am dedicated to having a diverse team and board, and when I have a choice of investment partners in the future, the diversity of their firms will be an important consideration."

“At Amplero, we believe that having diverse and inclusive voices and talent at every level makes us far stronger as a company, as well as benefits the tech industry as a whole,” said Downs. “It’s time for the technology industry, Amplero included, to not only make statements about inclusion and diversity, but to execute change at the highest levels.”

Visit the Founders for Change website to learn more.

About Olly

Olly Downs, PhD, is a machine learning scientist and serial technology entrepreneur, credited with bringing advanced analytics and machine learning methods to bear as the creative spark behind numerous early-stage technology companies. Olly specializes in applying abstract analytical ideas from mathematical, physical, and statistical science to problems in the real world and commercializing them into significant businesses; to date this has resulted in 34 granted patents.

Olly is CEO and Chief Scientist at Amplero, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) company that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers in large enterprises to optimize customer lifetime value at a scale that is not humanly possible (

Olly’s work has included pioneering applications of predictive analytics, probabilistic and location-based reasoning for INRIX, RocketFuel, Blab, AdReady, Farecast and MSN and offline analytics; including financial mathematics, quantum computing and Bayesian estimation, for HERE, SiriusXM, Globys, L1 Partners, D-Wave Systems, Apollo Data Technologies, Microsoft Research, Barnes & Noble, Knight Ridder, Ryder and IGT.

Follow him on Twitter at @mathandporsches.

About Amplero

Amplero lets brands be human again.

Despite the exponential growth of customer data, major brands still fail to understand individual consumers. Moments of interaction on the phone, in the app, or at the store, don’t connect. Each channel of communication is driven by its own data and automation rules.

But where humans and existing marketing systems are overwhelmed, artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) thrives. Amplero now enables customer-obsessed brands to build lasting relationships at a scale not humanly possible. No more mindless automation. No more fragmented interactions. No more feeling misunderstood.

Launched with AI at the core and used by companies across the globe, Amplero’s award-winning AIM technology experiments, learns, and optimizes each interaction as customer relationships evolve. Intelligently orchestrating meaningful, individualized cross-channel experiences, Amplero AI Marketing Cloud drives measurable lift for the metrics that matter most.

As a recognized leader in the AIM category, Amplero was named to the “Top 5 Most-Promising AI Startups” by VentureBeat and “CB Insights AI 100” featured in Fortune Magazine. Amplero founder and Chief Scientist Olly Downs, PhD, holds 35 patents in machine learning and computational mathematics.

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