CMO Matt Fleckenstein Shares a Rare Look Into The Future of Machine Learning, Digital Intelligence, and Marketing Automation in Seattle 24x7

Seattle 24x7 publisher, Larry Sivitz, recently caught up with Amplero CMO Matt for an in-depth look into the latest generation of digital marketing intelligence.

Seattle24x7: Matt, before we fast-forward to the new age of Amplero Marketing Automation, let’s get back-to-basics. How do you define “Marketing” in the traditional sense of the word?

Fleckenstein: Marketing has traditionally been defined as a form of communication between a company and its potential customers with the goal of selling them a product or a service. But our consumption patterns are changing. Managed services are eating the world.

Instead of buying music, we subscribe to services like Spotify or Pandora. Instead of owning a car, we use services such as Uber or Lyft to secure our own personal drivers. Instead of buying software on a DVD that we install on our computer, we subscribe to software-as-a-service getting real-time feature updates and improvements pushed to our computers (as long as we keep paying.

As the world increasingly moves to services, the focus of marketing is no longer just about selling goods or services, but engaging, retaining, and continually delighting paying customers to ensure they continue to utilize and pay for those services. We are living in the age of managed services where retention marketing is becoming more important than acquisition marketing.

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