Customer Loyalty Roundup, February 8, 2019

Welcome to another roundup of articles, news, and insights about customer loyalty, retention, and rewards programs. Discover how marketing to Gen Z may mean the death of brand loyalty as we know it, learn how to better market to the "tailored experience obsessed" Millennials, go beyond measuring engagement to entanglement and understand the importance of predictive analytics for CX.

Marketing To Gen Z: Death Of Brand Loyalty?

"Unlike previous generations, members of Gen Z are less inclined to care about brand logos emblazoned on their clothing. The digital landscape, coupled with a natural change in how young people view the world, has facilitated Gen Z’s tendency for brand disloyalty, but there is still opportunity for marketers to secure them as repeat customers."

Marketing to Millennials: It’s About Loyalty and Personalization
(MarTech Today)

"Brands need to leverage technology to create personalized, tailored experiences and ensure millennials are ambassadors for their brand. With customers willing to share more information about themselves than ever, the retail business is dominated by companies that can access data more effectively than competitors and use it to satisfy the consumer."

How To Go Beyond Engagement To Entanglement

"...simply measuring engagement is yesterday’s way of marketing. A funny video or a clever ad will catch people’s attention for a few moments, but it won’t create a memorable interaction or a lasting impression. Your audience may engage briefly with this kind of marketing, but then they’ll forget about it and carry on with their day. Successful brands don’t focus on engagement; they aim for entanglement. You want customers to be so intertwined with your brand that they can’t imagine living without it."

7 Kinds Of Predictive Analytics For Customer Experience

"It used to be that data analytics could only look backwards at what had already happened. But with new predictive analytics, brands can use their huge amounts of data to predict what will happen next. Data is no longer a level playing field. Companies that leverage AI and machine learning software have a leg up over competitors who are still only using data to look backwards. "

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