Customer Loyalty Roundup, January 18, 2019

It's time for another roundup of articles, news, and insights about customer loyalty, retention, and rewards programs. Today we're laser-focused on three areas of customer loyalty including adapting it, earning it and measuring it.

Customer Loyalty is Changing, and Businesses Must Adapt

"Businesses must have a long-term plan to create and maintain customer loyalty. In an experience-based economy and an environment of technological disruption, customer expectations are higher than ever. Brands cannot focus only on customer acquisition. They must turn their gaze towards customer retention and satisfaction."

Your Most Important Business Success Metric – Customer Loyalty
(Multichannel Merchant)

"Business is besieged with metrics. Return on Investment (ROI), website visits, website return visits, shopping cart abandonment rates, and average customer spend are all important, but customer loyalty might be the best metric to evaluate the success of a business. As with all business problems, everyone agrees that metrics are vitally important. What no one can agree on is which metrics are the most important. Until now. The most important marketing metric is customer loyalty."

5 Practical Ways Etailers Can Earn Customer Loyalty
(Ecommerce Times)

"Given today's data and technological advancements, coupled with an abundance of choices for consumers, the importance of loyalty has never been greater. The marketing landscape has shifted as power has moved from sellers to buyers, and businesses have realized a heightened need for customer loyalty."

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