Customer Loyalty Roundup, March 1, 2019

Here's your roundup of articles, news, and insights about customer loyalty, retention, and rewards programs. Today we're talking about how marketers need to reevaluate their consumer decision journey, why gift card and loyalty programs must consider the digital-age generation, how to best utilize email marketing to support and improve retention.

Rethinking the Marketing Funnel with Consumer Decision Journeys
(Marketing Land)

"The way customers shop and interact with brands has changed in the digital age, we see this with our client’s customer journeys.The‘Consumer Decision Journey’ (CDJ), as proposed by Edelman and Colleagues, provides a practical framework for marketing to customers along this journey. It provides a framework to update the traditional marketing funnel."

Is your gift card program ready for Gen Z?
(Retail Customer Experience)

"Gen Z is on track to become the largest generation of consumers by 2020, accounting for $29 to $143 billion in direct spending, according to Millennial Marketer. Gen Zers not only control their own spending, but the spending of their parents, grandparents and anyone else looking to shop for them. As such a large and increasingly influential group, now is the time to look at and consider the behaviors and preferences that set Gen Z apart from older generations, and keep them top of mind when implementing your 2019 gift card programs."

5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention With Email Marketing
(Fourth Source)

"...the customers you have now, won’t be customers forever. To increase your customer lifetime value (CLV), you’ll need to develop your relationship, upsell and cross-sell. Fortunately, you can improve customer retention and improve customer relationships with email marketing."

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