Customer Loyalty Roundup, November 16, 2018

Welcome to another roundup of articles, news, and insights about customer loyalty, retention, and rewards programs. On the docket this week includes the effect of customer loyalty on shopper expectations, code freezes, and rewards programs. As a bonus, we highlight a new study that speaks to poor customer experience being a wedge between consumer and brand.

Customer Loyalty Stems from This Shopper Expectation (Chain Storage)

"Loyal shoppers only want to buy from online retailers they believe have their back.This was according to a new retail study from Radial and CFI Group which revealed that 84% of respondents said their experience with a superior online retailer elevates their expectations for all other retailers’ performances."

3 Ways to Improve Retail Customer Loyalty During a Code Freeze (Retail Customer Experience)

"There's good reason for a code freeze, but the drawback is its hindrance to marketers. While you don't want to risk damaging your website through possible errors or glitches, putting a hold on new coding can also put a hold on optimizing marketing campaigns. The holidays are a big time for sales, but also one of the most critical times for customer engagement and growing customer loyalty."

What It Takes to Capture Today's Loyalty Program Lovers (Digital Commerce 360)

"Most shoppers belong to several loyalty programs, so brands must be relevant and engaging when trying to attract new members. Knowing why people buy what they buy, and what they value most, can help brands design and promote their programs in a way that appeals to loyalty lovers’ personal values and preferences."

Study: Poor CX a Wedge Between Customer, Brand (BizReport & Sitel Group)

"The 2018 CX Index Report further found that consumers are willing to pay more for improved customer service, with millennials and Boomers willing to pay more for a product or service if it meant their CX would be better."

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