Customer Loyalty Roundup, November 21, 2018

Welcome to another roundup of articles, news, and insights about customer loyalty, retention, and rewards programs. We're bringing our roundup to you a little earlier this week given the holiday break. The topics covered include embracing your data, improving retail loyalty programs, enhancing the customer experience and disrupting loyalty rules.

Embrace Your Data: How to Implement a Customer-Centric Strategy (Forbes)

"Increasingly, businesses today are being forced to shift their customer engagement strategy in response to rapidly changing consumer behavior and the compelling move to digital platforms. To be able to respond and make better, faster decisions, business need a clear view of their decision-making strategies and the ability to apply risk analytics, strategy improvements, automation and advanced analytics."

What Do Today’s Shoppers Want from Retail Loyalty Programs? (Digital Commerce 360)

"Free shipping and discounts top the list for what online shoppers say they want in loyalty programs. But retailers should not forget that some shoppers are more interested in services and exclusive offers than deals."

How Customer Loyalty Programs Can Enhance the Customer Experience (Forbes)

"...An e-commerce customer who has had one previous shopping experience with a company is over three times more likely to convert again versus a brand new visitor, and customers who have bought multiple times are over five times as likely to convert again. It stands to reason then that customer loyalty programs can be incredibly valuable to any organization with repeat customers."

Here's Why Loyalty Needs to Break Rules (Smart Brief)

"Marketing is a copy-cat industry. Marketers see someone doing something different and everyone immediately races to be second in line. It’s a disjointed approach that often causes so many loyalty programs to fail -- and the majority of programs do fail."

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