Customer Loyalty Roundup, October 5, 2018

Welcome to this week's roundup of articles, news, and insights about customer loyalty, retention, and rewards programs. Today we're featuring articles that speak to improving customer loyalty programs, harnessing trackability to empower customers and the importance of building customer-centric organizations.

Consumers are Looking for Loyalty Programs with More Versatility (Loyalty360)

Kobie Marketing's latest report "Loyalty in the Age of the Connected Consumer" highlights areas that brands can improve on with regard to their customer loyalty programs. A couple interesting call outs include importance of purposeful engagement, preferences among different generations and the benefits of tiered rewards systems.

Top CRM Tips: 3 Ways Delivery Trackability Can Fast-Track Customer Loyalty (Net Imperative)

While there's many ways that brands can reinforce customer loyalty a simple start is empowering your customers. They already expect convenient delivery and tracking options but going the extra mile at the beginning can also help manage customer expectations, overcome individual delivery problems and identifying delivery network bottlenecks.

6 Ways to Build a Customer-Centric Culture (Harvard Business Review)

Many companies struggle to get that perfect balance of culture and strategy thanks to a product-first and sales-driven focus. Today “only 14 percent of marketers say that customer centricity is a hallmark of their companies, and only 11 percent believe their customers would agree with that characterization.” To help organizations get back on track, check out the six actions that can build a better customer centric culture.

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