Amplero Included in Report on "Digital Intelligence Technology Providers You Should Care About"

New Industry Report Helps Customer Insights Professionals Make Sense of the Digital Intelligence Market

SEATTLE – March 9, 2017 – Amplero, a recognized leader in leveraging artificial intelligence marketing to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty, today announced that the company and its digital intelligence platform have been recognized in the Forrester report, “Vendor Landscape: Digital Intelligence Technology Providers You Should Care About.” Amplero was surveyed by Forrester for the report, which grouped digital intelligence vendors into seven different technology categories of functional competence, including behavioral targeting, digital performance management, and predictive analytics.

According to the report, digital intelligence is core to the transformation of enterprises into insights-driven businesses. “Digital intelligence practitioners use data and analytics to delight customers with optimal experiences wherever they digitally interact with their firms,” the Digital Intelligence Vendors report stated. “This report helps customer insights (CI) pros make sense of the digital intelligence vendor landscape with seven different digital intelligence tech categories to help guide decision-makers on the combination of technology vendors they need to partner with.”

“Today’s consumers increasingly expect highly contextual, personalized experiences in real-time from preferred brands, and companies that have millions of customers are adopting digital intelligence technologies such as the Amplero Intelligence Platform to meet this new demand at scale,” said Olly Downs, PhD, CEO at Amplero. “We believe Amplero’s recognition in Forrester’s Vendor Landscape report validates the tremendous value that our digital intelligence offering can provide to new and existing customers.”

The Amplero Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform ties into a company’s existing marketing technology stack and applies deep machine learning algorithms to continuously test thousands of marketing permutations. The digital intelligence comes into play as the technology automatically delivers highly contextual, 1:1 customer experiences at scale—increasing customer lifetime value while reducing the number of interactions.

To further define Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM), Amplero will be speaking at the Forrester event series “AI Summit: Machine Minds”, a futurology series focused on AI, machine learning, and data analytics co-located with five Forrester forums in 2017. Amplero will discuss the role that AIM is playing in customer-obsessed industries, such as telecom, banking, gaming, and consumer technology, to help marketers optimize customer lifetime value and loyalty. The event dates are as follows:

  • CONSUMER MARKETING 2017 New York | April 5, 2017
  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 2017 Chicago | May 8, 2017
  • TRANSFORMATION EUROPE 2017 London | June 7, 2017
  • CXNYC 2017 New York | June 20–21, 2017
  • CXSF 2017 San Francisco | October 19–20, 2017

About Amplero
Headquartered in Seattle, Amplero is an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) company that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers at global brands to optimize customer lifetime value at a scale that is not humanly possible.

Unlike traditional rules-based marketing automation systems, Amplero’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to dynamically test thousands of permutations to adaptively optimize every customer interaction and maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.

With Amplero, marketers in competitive, customer-obsessed industries like telecom, banking, gaming and consumer tech are currently seeing measurable lift across key performance indicators—including 1-3% incremental growth in customer topline revenue and 3-5x lift in retention rates.

For more information or to schedule an Artificial Intelligence Marketing demo, please contact us or followAmplero on Twitter for the latest industry news.

Media Contact:
Kristin Sandberg
Barokas Public Relations

Source: Vendor Landscape: Digital Intelligence Technology Providers You Should Care About, Forrester Research, Inc., February 2017