Gearing Up for 2017, Amplero Reveals Top Three Predictions for the Marketing Technology Industry

SEATTLE, Dec. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Amplero, the world's first machine learning-powered digital intelligence platform, today unveiled what marketers can expect to see in the coming year with the company's marketing technology predictions for 2017. Rooted in machine learning and artificial intelligence experience, Amplero predicts that marketers will finally be able to take advantage of the global investment in big data infrastructure and move beyond traditional rules-based marketing automation. These advancements powered by machine learning will have significant impact on the day-to-day role of the CMO, as well as transform the way marketers approach customer-centric marketing.

"Over the past few years, businesses have made significant investments in various marketing technologies, which aim to reach the right customers at the right times, but only now are we seeing the level of continuous automation needed to truly deliver on that promise. At Amplero, we couldn't be more eager to help new and existing customers achieve this granular level of communication with customers in 2017," said Dr. Olly Downs, CEO and co-founder of Amplero. "The new year will undoubtedly usher in a welcome rise of machines, which will empower marketers to tangibly contribute to business growth in new ways that bolster creativity while also impacting the bottom line."

Amplero predicts the following three shifts as significant drivers overhauling traditional marketing technology in 2017:

1. Innovative marketers will move beyond traditional marketing automation to continuous optimization.
Top-tier marketing organizations will see a strong departure from static, labor intensive testing roadmaps and rules-based platforms toward leveraging machine learning to continuously optimize every facet of the user journey based on nearly infinite combinations of behavioral dimensions and messaging permutations.
With this shift, the value of big data will finally extend beyond Business Intelligence (BI). Global investment in big data is predicted to reach $114 billion in 2018, and marketers will finally be able to take advantage of these investments. Instead of relying on integrations between their data systems of record and their publishing systems of engagement, a standardized machine-learning digital intelligence layer will emerge to manage nearly every digital consumer interaction within the Fortune 500 landscape.

2. We will finally see the rise of the machines—and it couldn't come soon enough for marketers.
Rather than forcing them to pretend to be data scientists or spend all their time writing complex marketing automation rules, it frees them up to drive creative and strategic initiatives that improve customer experience and true marketing performance.
More than half (54 percent) of companies say their biggest challenge to data-driven marketing success is the lack of data quality and completeness. Machine learning technologies will automate much of the manual, repetitive data-centric work. Because of this evolution, the required marketing leadership skillset will pivot back toward more creative strategy pursuits versus the current data technologist paradigm. And the world will be a better place for it.

3. The power of influencer optimization will extend beyond social/word-of-mouth and will become an emerging strategy for every customer interaction.
Through complex, machine-learning technologies, marketers will have the sophistication to not only target customers, but also to map campaign impact throughout a user's broader influencer network.
A new study released from Columbia University demonstrates a 28 percent campaign lift multiplier on non-targeted, first-degree connections of targeted consumers. This capability alone will drastically transform the way campaigns are designed and executed by marketing leadership—particularly within subscription-based industry verticals like telecommunications, financial services, and gaming.

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