How the Managed Services Economy is Shaking Up Marketing

Amplero's new VP of Sales Santo Criscuolo recently published an article in Website Magazine on how B2C companies focused on serving personalized, highly contextual experiences are disrupting nearly every industry.

We are in the midst of an economic earthquake. The seismic plates within nearly every industry are shifting.

Netflix. Uber. Spotify. Google.

These are four of the companies rapidly becoming a modern disruptive canon of business school case studies. They signify a decisive shift away from an economy built on traditional ownership to one centered in access and experience.

On-demand economy. Sharing economy. Service economy. While there are many names for the new economic model, the core essence is consistent: an empowered consumer prioritizes spending with brands that consistently provide individualized, unobtrusive, and highly contextual interactions.

​Although the fundamental four P’s—product, price, promotion, and placement—were sound in a transactional consumer model, they are rapidly decreasing in relevance as the typical consumer journey is broken up into hundreds of micro-moments across multiple devices and mediums.

Check out the full article in Website Magazine.