Amplero Launches New AI Marketing Guide

How to Hire a Machine: The CMO's Guide to Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)

Amplero is proud to announce the recent launch of “How to Hire a Machine: The CMO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Marketing.”

As a starting point for marketing leaders exploring the application and integration of enterprise AI solutions within the modern marketing technology stack, the guide serves as an easy-to-consume resource in a landscape crowded with point solutions, core platforms, and bolt-on AI capabilities within existing marketing clouds.

According to a recent Forrester survey of marketing decision-makers at large brands across North America, more than 85 percent of marketers believe AI currently can provide value.

It’s no surprise. The rise of AI reflects key changes in consumer behavior and data proliferation, as customers fluidly interact with brands across channels, industries and devices—all in real-time. While marketers increasingly seek to deliver personalized, highly contextual experiences, they struggle to close the gap between the vortex of available data, new channels, and ever-evolving customer behavior.

AI is everywhere—that is, if you believe the hype.

Marketers evaluating artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) solutions are faced with a market so filled with sales hype and opaque proprietary data science that wading through the waters is a tough proposition for even the most-savvy enterprise buyer.

With this in mind, Amplero launched “How to Hire a Machine: The CMO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Marketing.”

As a comprehensive resource for B2C marketing leaders, this guide is intended to provide an overview of the current state of AIM and enable marketers to answer these essential questions:

+ What is AI?

+ Which AI technologies are ready now for marketers?

+ Which AI technologies can have the biggest impact on my business and my customers?

+ How should I evaluate vendors and solutions?

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Whether you’re exploring an AIM solution to continuously optimize the entire customer experience or to drive channel-specific ROI, this resource is for you.

About Amplero

Headquartered in Seattle, Amplero is an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) company that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers at global brands to optimize customer lifetime value at a scale that is not humanly possible.

Unlike traditional rules-based marketing automation systems, Amplero’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to dynamically test thousands of permutations to adaptively optimize every customer interaction and maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.

With Amplero, marketers in competitive, customer-obsessed industries like telecom, banking, gaming and consumer tech are currently seeing measurable lift across key performance indicators—including 1-3% incremental growth in customer topline revenue and 3-5x lift in retention rates.

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