Olly Downs featured at AI in Marketing Symposium

Marketers are gathering to hear key insights into the applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to maximize marketing efforts and boost ROI

Amplero CEO Olly Downs, PhD, is speaking this week at the AI in Marketing Symposium hosted by the Insight Exchange Network in San Francisco

As part of a speaking lineup that includes researchers and executives from IBM Watson, AOL, and Salesforce, Olly's session will offer a deep dive into how a major mobile carrier utilized Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) to drive true continuous optimization of the customer journey at scale.

Session Schedule:
Wednesday, July 19 - 11 am

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AI in Marketing Symposium Overview

According to conference organizers, the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data is revolutionizing the way marketers are connecting with their customers and this trend will only accelerate. The AI in Marketing Symposium will cut through the hype to provide attendees with meaningful insights about the current and near-future applications of artificial intelligence so that you don't get left behind. This conference will provide you the opportunity to hear from industry experts who will demystify AI and from the early adopters of the most leading-edge applications of artificial intelligence being used in marketing today. ​

Check out the event site here.

About Olly

Olly Downs is a machine learning scientist and serial technology entrepreneur, credited with bringing advanced analytics and machine learning methods to bear as the creative spark behind numerous early-stage technology companies. Olly specializes in applying abstract analytical ideas from mathematical, physical, and statistical science to problems in the real world and commercializing them into significant businesses; to date this has resulted in 34 granted patents.

Olly is CEO and Chief Scientist at Amplero, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) company that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers in large enterprises to optimize customer lifetime value at a scale that is not humanly possible (Amplero.com).

Olly’s work has included pioneering applications of predictive analytics, probabilistic and location-based reasoning for INRIX, RocketFuel, Blab, AdReady, Farecast and MSN and offline analytics; including financial mathematics, quantum computing and Bayesian estimation, for HERE, SiriusXM, Globys, L1 Partners, D-Wave Systems, Apollo Data Technologies, Microsoft Research, Barnes & Noble, Knight Ridder, Ryder and IGT.

Follow him on Twitter at @mathandporsches.

About Amplero

Headquartered in Seattle, Amplero is an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) company that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers at global brands to optimize customer lifetime value at a scale that is not humanly possible.

Unlike traditional rules-based marketing automation systems, Amplero’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to dynamically test thousands of permutations to adaptively optimize every customer interaction and maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.

With Amplero, marketers in competitive, customer-obsessed industries like telecom, banking, gaming and consumer tech are currently seeing measurable lift across key performance indicators—including 1-3% incremental growth in customer topline revenue and 3-5x lift in retention rates.

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