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Five myths about the machine on your team

While advances in AI and machine learning tend to provoke one of two reactions—a general dystopian anxiety or vision of a gleaming connected futurist society—the fundamental truth is that we are in the midst of a major disruptive cycle in the way humans and brands interact.

From single-channel applications like natural language processing-enabled chatbots to core AI marketing platforms that orchestrate every customer interaction, 78 percent of marketers are working on adopting or expanding AI in 2018.

Although increased investment in AI and machine learning initiatives permeate the technology roadmap across most major brands, most marketers don’t really have a sense of how AI will affect the daily lives of their teams and customers. With this in mind, we’ve put together this list to help dispel the five myths of AI that we’re commonly seeing across major enterprise marketing teams.

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Thought Leadership

The bot in the branch and the future of retail banking

According to a recent survey from The Financial Brand, 2018 will be all about customer-centricity for financial institutions. The panel includes bankers, credit union executives, industry analysts, advisors, and fintech leaders.

The report’s top findings for both trends and strategic priorities in retail banking centered around improving the customer experience, supported by the use of big data, AI, advanced analytics, and cognitive computing. Respondents cited “removing friction from the customer journey” as the most important trend for 2018.

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Media Coverage

AI marketing and the journey through the uncanny valley

Although 78 percent of marketers are adopting or expanding artificial intelligence marketing in 2018, marketers are also uneasy about the uncanny valley. They are concerned that by implementing AI marketing, they will lose control of the customer experience, possibly bewildering or even revolting their customers. While this is a reasonable concern, it could prove to be an unfounded and risky position — because marketers have already forced their customers into the uncanny valley through the use of marketing automation and aggressive personalization. 

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Time-lapse: Get the story behind Amplero's GeekWire Seattle 10 Napkin

“Customers fell in love with your brand. Teach your brand to love them back.”

As part of being named to GeekWire's prestigious list of Seattle 10 award winners, we were asked to visualize Amplero’s "world-changing" idea on a 6 x 6 foot cocktail napkin that would hang at MOHAI.

During the creative process, we talked about a lot of things.

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[Infographic] 84 percent of B2C marketing orgs are implementing or expanding AI in 2018

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Amplero surveyed more than 150 marketing technology decisionmakers at top B2C brands across retail, financial services, travel and hospitality, computer gaming, telecommunications services, consumer software, and media and entertainment industry verticals.

The resulting study, “The Machine on Your Team: How Marketers Are Adapting in the Age of AI,” revealed that while the majority (86%) of respondents believe AI can provide value to their business, 78 percent believe human involvement is necessary to guide the machine and make the most impact on strategic initiatives.

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Thought Leadership

Three ways the gaming industry can avoid a case of the Cyber Mondays

by Lynn Batson

In 2016, Cyber Monday went down in history as the largest online sales day ever with shoppers spending a record $3.39 billion online over the course of the day.

For console game publishers, it’s part of the most anticipated time of the year with big titles like Call of Duty: WWII, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Star Wars: BattleFront II, Forza Motorsport, and Super Mario Odyssey all released in the October to December window.

Meanwhile, with a record $967.6 million in game app sales between Christmas and New Year’s Day last year, mobile game publishers see the largest surge after gifts have been unwrapped.

Regardless of whether players are purchasing games ­on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any day in between, limiting new player churn and building long-term loyalty is key for publishers looking to maximize holiday season success.

So, how can your company build a lasting relationship with players over the long-term, leveraging loyalty for wallet share? Hint: It’s all about the onboarding.

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Media Coverage

Amplero Named One of GeekWire’s Top 10 Startups

SEATTLE November 9, 2017— Amplero, a recognized leader in artificial intelligence marketing, today announced it was named as one of GeekWire’s Seattle 10, an annual list of the most innovative startups from the Seattle region.

With hundreds of eligible companies amongst Seattle’s crowded technology landscape, The Seattle 10 panel chooses startups developing “world-changing business ideas.” Each of The Seattle 10 winners will unveil a reproduction of their business idea on a giant six-foot by six-foot cocktail napkin at the GeekWire Gala on December 6, 2017 at MOHAI. Past winners have included notable brands such as Porch, Rover, and Convoy.

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