Sprint Prepaid CMO and Amplero CEO Take MarTech Stage to Discuss AI-Fueled Marketing

Sprint's Prepaid Digital Transformation: Using Machine Learning & Multi-Armed Bandit Experimentation to Optimize Every Interaction Across the Customer Journey

Sprint Prepaid Brands CMO Angela Sigley-Rittgers and Amplero CEO Olly Downs – Wednesday, May 10, 1:30 pm

It's become critical for brands to manage every interaction across the customer journey. Missing even one critical interaction can lead to lost sales, market share or unhappy customers. But designing and implementing a digital transformation requires more than just having a plan - you'll need a great team, incredible partners and a singular focus on execution.

Modeling success stories and blueprints from martech giants Amazon, Uber and Netflix, Sprint Prepaid used a hybrid approach that helped them reduce churn and grow overall customer lifetime value.

In this session, you'll hear Angela and Olly discuss how you can use machine learning and multi-variate experimentation to enable your marketing teams to achieve results that are not humanly possible.

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