[Webinar] The Machine On Your Team: How Marketers Are Adapting in the Age of AI

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In our connected world, marketers now have access to more customer information than ever before. Increasing amounts of available customer data is supposed to help us better understand the customer and allow us to craft ideal journeys. But what could be possible if we used the data and skipped crafting the journeys? What if we let a machine join our team, analyze the data, and automatically decide what experiences were best for each customer? Then, we – the marketers – could shift focus. We could turn our energies to areas where machines struggle like strategy and creative.

At Amplero, we think about these kinds of things a lot. How can we make a machine an effective part of the marketing team? How can we use the power of the machine to empower marketers to do even more? That said, we know this may not be top of mind for everyone. We asked Forrester to find out how marketing leaders are thinking about this topic, how they see the machine – artificial intelligence – becoming a member of their team.

86% of B2C marketing organizations believe that AI can add value to their business, and they see that value as enhancing human efforts rather than as a replacement for people.

Most agree that AI can add value. Now it’s becoming more clear how marketers can get value from AI. Machines can deal with large volumes of data and serve up optimal, relevant customer experiences at scale – something that even the largest team would struggle with without assistance.

63% of respondents believe they have too much data to process in order to gain actionable insights for their campaigns.

While most organizations have started to unify their data, there is no getting around the fact that it’s still a lot and is continuing to multiply. In order to make use of all this information in a rules-based journey, the marketer must select which data points are worthy of consideration and testing. It’s a process that works well with a small amount of data but simply does not scale. That said, artificial intelligence works better the more data that it has available. So, let’s load up the machine with the data and set it to work. Not only does this empower the machine to glean better insights into what works best, but it frees the marketer.

No longer will marketers be tied down manual, time consuming tasks and processes. Instead, we can spend time thinking and executing on what we enjoy, are good at, and that machine cannot effectively do: developing strategic marketing plans that will affect the business results and being creative in how to drive meaningful, engaging customer interactions. Unsurprisingly, the research found most marketers want this.

84% said they would value a tool that reduced time spent on preparing reports, so they could spend more time on strategy and driving meaningful interactions with customers.

All this is possible now. So let’s feed the machine (data), welcome it onto the team, and get marketers back to what they do best and enjoy the most – being creative and strategic – so we all can work better together.

Join fellow marketing leaders from major brands at our webinar on October 26th. We’ll deep-dive into the Forrester study and talk more about The Machine on Your Team.

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