The Ripple Effect Is Real: Introducing Amplero's New Influencer Optimization Capability

Traditional marketing aims to influence the behavior of a targeted individual, largely ignoring any ripple effects the marketing efforts may have on a broader population.

That’s no longer enough. In today’s connected economy, interactions between various consumers are becoming easier – easier to identify, easier to measure, and easier for the individuals to initiate. Managing your customer base now means knowing more than just who is connected to whom but more importantly how they are connected, that means you can measure just how intense and influential those connections are. Ignoring the way individuals interact with one another not only minimizes the influence of social interactions, but it minimizes the impact of your marketing efforts – and that’s often a significant oversight.

Amplero, a recognized leader in applying machine learning to marketing automation, utilizes machine learning to enable marketers to optimize 1:1 customer interactions as a way to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.

Today, we are excited to announce our influencer optimization capability, which goes beyond 1:1 marketing enabling leading marketers to identify and leverage the power of their most significant influencers to drive1:1:MANY marketing. Through the aggregation of behavioral data, Amplero makes it possible to map customer influencer ego networks that identify not only number, strength and intensity of connections, but also potential influence a customer has over the behaviors and actions of those connections. This new capability gives marketers the ability to measure and optimize the impact of their marketing efforts.

Amplero’s influencer optimization capabilities have a broad range of applicability from acquisition and retention efforts to propensity modeling, all of which work to increase the power of interactions with your brand’s top influencers. For example, it is possible to predict if an influencer takes an action (such as moving to a new service provider) what the impact is on those within the influencer’s ego network with whom the influencer speaks and interacts.

Additionally, this capability makes it possible to map a customer’s “digital fingerprint” that is made up of individual connections and behavioral data. Having a view of a customer’s digital fingerprint helps identify if an individual defects, then returns under a new account – something that may signify his/her connections may follow.

The following example from a large, North American prepaid mobile phone carrier illustrates how applying influencer optimization to marketing campaign execution can yield greater results. For this campaign, the carrier worked with Amplero to identify heavy users who also are highly influential within their ego networks.

How it lives in the wild:
In the prepaid mobile business, carriers are charged with growing the subscriber base. The carrier Amplero collaborated with has an existing referral program in place, but it is under-utilized and typically has low value in terms of driving actual referrals.

Amplero partnered with the carrier to monitor and model usage behavior and social interactions of existing customers with the goal of identifying those who might hold the most influence over the actions of others within their ego networks (“influencers”). The influencers were defined as:

  • Heavy users (based on voice and data usage) who are
  • highly socially engaged (based on number of connections and frequency with which they communicate), and have a
  • high percentage of and ego network's connections on different/competitor networks.

Once identified, the influencers received messages designed to product a ripple effect through their ego network. The messages urged influencers to refer/ invite their connections to join the mobile operator (e.g., "Welcome Extended Family (designed to drive acquisitions to Family Plans) and “Welcome Outsiders” (designed to drive single line rate plan acquisitions). The targeted influencer campaign that created the desired effect of adding new customers via individually calculated social graphs and viral influence - and augmenting the uptick (sign ups) in the existing referral program.
The illustration below shows how targeting a subscriber (blue dot in the center of the social graph) led to a referral and sign up by an off-network connection (grey dot on the outside of the social graph)

Within the first 90 days of the program, the carrier saw nearly a 1% lift in referral rates (over the control group).

To learn more about how you can amplify your campaign ROI with Amplero, download The CMO's Guide to Influencer Optimization.

About Amplero
Amplero is a digital intelligence platform that enables marketers to achieve what's not humanly possible by leveraging machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to automatically optimize every customer interaction to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty.

Using Amplero, marketers in telecom, banking and finance, gaming, and software-as-a-service have seen more than three percent incremental growth in customer revenue and five times retention benefit, often touching their customers less frequently while delivering great omni-channel customer experiences.

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