What's in store for mobile carriers in 2018

 Content to be crowned king, queen, and the entire court

From unlimited data plans to OTT streaming bundles, the telecom industry is constantly evolving alongside their subscribers. Pew Research pegs the number of smartphone owners in the U.S. at 77% of all adults. Globally, more than a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone in 2018. That’s 2.53 billion smartphone users—and the iPhone only just turned 10.

With competition for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers only getting more fierce, mobile carriers across the globe are shaking things up yet again. As CES wraps up this week in Las Vegas, I sat down and wrote my predictions on what’s in store for mobile carriers and subscribers in 2018.

1. 2018 will be the year of hyper-personalization.

For years, marketers have predicted it was the year of personalized marketing, but in past years, that was more of a wish versus a prediction. 2018 will truly be the year of hyper-personalization driven by hyper-competition facilitated by failed mergers and mounting pressure for wireless carriers to hold on to their customers. The only way to do achieve this economically is to meet each individual customer’s needs through highly contextual, personalized experiences. And finally, with the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) technologies, the technology exists to deliver on the promise of personalization.

2. Content will be crowned king, queen, and the entire court.

The wireless industry is now at a stage where little truly differentiates one carrier from the other. Similar network quality and coverage, comparable handset offerings, and everyone racing to the same price point – around $50 to $60 for unlimited data – all have reached a tenuous balance. However, unlimited data is only attractive if a carrier has something to push through it. In other words, content. With this being the case, customers will see even more high quality, studio content deals offered by carriers to differentiate their offerings. Content will also become the new currency for personalization, where carriers will take a page from content providers, like Hulu and Netflix, to dynamically customize content offerings to each customer’s interests.

3. Centralized, cross-channel customer experience will become reality.

There has been a proliferation of surfaces that customers can connect through—desktop, tablets, their home television, etc.—but their mobile phone is still the convergence point. Hence, delivering the optimal mobile experience will be critical for every wireless carrier. Smartphones will remain the central hub that connects to all other channels to deliver a seamless experience to each customer, and AI marketing technologies will be the key to optimizing a centralized customer experience across mobile and the entire spectrum of channels that customers use daily.

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