You Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty, but You Can Win It

For a leading consumer brand with millions of customers, staying relevant is an overwhelming proposition. Recently Steven Dunston, Amplero's VP of Marketing, shared three ways leading brands can keep their loyalty programs relevant.

Here's an excerpt from the Marketing Tech Advisors piece:

Staying relevant is difficult enough when you just have a few customers in a single location. But for a consumer brand with millions of customers, it’s an overwhelming proposition. It requires the ability to find the signal in the noise of your customer data to consistently deliver interactions where customers feel known, understood, and anticipated.

That’s the challenge for consumer brands eager to move from anonymous transactional revenue to relationship-based business models. If you can do this within the context of a loyalty program, you have the chance to win the hearts, minds, and wallets, of your customers.

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About Steven

As VP of Marketing at Amplero, Steven Dunston is on the forefront of helping enterprise marketers at global brands reimagine their technology stack with AI at the core. With multiple successful launches and exits at fast-growth software companies like Avalara and Usermind, Steven brings a rare thoughtful, empathetic approach backed by data strategy to drive human-centered customer experiences and growth initiatives for brands of all sizes. He lives on an island near Seattle with his family.

He cares about social justice. He hates buzzwords. He likes to ferment things.

About Amplero

Amplero lets brands be human again.

Despite the exponential growth of customer data, major brands still fail to understand individual consumers. Moments of interaction on the phone, in the app, or at the store, don't connect. Each channel of communication is driven by its own data and automation rules.

But where humans and existing marketing systems are overwhelmed, artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) thrives. Amplero enables consumer brands to build lasting relationships at a scale not humanly possible. No more mindless automation. No more fragmented interactions. No more feeling misunderstood.

As a recognized leader in the AIM category, Amplero was named to the "Top 5 Most-Promising AI Startups" by VentureBeat and "CB Insights AI 100" featured in Fortune Magazine. Amplero founder and Chief Scientist Olly Downs, PhD, holds 35 patents in machine learning and computational mathematics.

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