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10 Critical Questions To Ask Any AI Marketing Vendor

From existing marketing clouds applying ad hoc AI capabilities for channel-specific use cases to core AIM platforms delivering value against long-term KPIs, the last thing a marketer wants to do is invest in enterprise AI technology—or any technology—and be saddled with tool that doesn’t deliver as promised.

With considerable potential for integration and implementation pitfalls that will quickly cut into your ROI and organizational momentum, here are the 10 critical questions you should ask any AI vendor before investing in their solution.

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Press Releases

How to Hire a Machine: The CMO's Guide to Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)

Amplero is proud to announce the recent launch of “How to Hire a Machine: The CMO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence Marketing.”

As a starting point for marketing leaders exploring the application and integration of enterprise AI solutions within the modern marketing technology stack, the guide serves as an easy-to-consume resource in a landscape crowded with point solutions, core platforms, and bolt-on AI capabilities within existing marketing clouds.

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