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Conversations at the Core with Julie Penzotti

[Editor's Note] Amplero's newly launched editorial series focuses on the people who are rethinking the way brands and consumers interact.

It’s a place where core conversations are taking place on the evolution of AI and the modern enterprise and how it impacts our communities.

For our second installment of Conversations at the Core, we sat down with Amplero's VP, Customer Analytics Julie Penzotti, PhD. Julie specializes in data mining and analytics. She has 20 years experience in multiple industries including drug discovery with CombiChem, DuPont, Cerep, and Pfizer, modeling software with Rational Discovery and marketing technology with Amplero. Julie earned her PhD in Bioengineering and MS in Physical Chemistry from the University of Washington.

Julie shares her insight on everything from marketing strategy and business goal alignment, developing a diverse and inclusive mindset, and having a data science career with real business impact.

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ChickTech Seattle hosts local high school students at Amplero

Dedicated to retaining women in the technology workforce and increasing the number of women and girls pursuing technology-based careers, ChickTech Seattle creates programs that spark interest and excitement for local high school students.

Amplero recently had the opportunity to host the organization at its downtown Seattle headquarters, where local students participated in a series of projects and problem-solving challenges.

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