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New case study: Leading F2P gaming publisher levels up the player experience

As a leader in casual online gaming with more than 80 million active players, DoubleDown Interactive possesses a high-performing portfolio of titles, loyal base of high-value players, and strong revenue growth. However, like many in the ultra-competitive mobile gaming space, they had a large population of players who played infrequently, or worse, were at risk of churning.

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Trends from MarTech, AI at the Core, and Beyond

It’s certainly an exciting time to be a marketer. If this past week was any indicator, the Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) era is clearly upon us.
At Amplero, we were busy either hosting or presenting at three major AIM-related conferences: the Forrester AI Summit, MarTech USA, or our own AI at the Core Exchange.
As I reflect back upon what I heard from analysts, vendors, and marketers over the course of the week, there are a few key trends that are top of mind:

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