5G and AI: Congratulations to Sprint and T-Mobile

by Olly Downs, PhD

Congratulations to our amazing partners at Sprint, as well as our Seattle-area neighbor T-Mobile on their exciting merger announcement this week.

Partnering with Sprint and its booming prepaid brands—Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile—to experiment, learn, and optimize each interaction throughout the customer relationship, we couldn’t be happier.

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Thought Leadership

New case study: Leading F2P gaming publisher levels up the player experience

As a leader in casual online gaming with more than 80 million active players, DoubleDown Interactive possesses a high-performing portfolio of titles, loyal base of high-value players, and strong revenue growth. However, like many in the ultra-competitive mobile gaming space, they had a large population of players who played infrequently, or worse, were at risk of churning.

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