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Researchers expect shoppers to spend an estimated $3.4 billion during Amazon’s shopping frenzy on Prime Day.

But then their site went down. Then their stock went down.

While meeting the “dogs of Amazon” might have softened customer attitudes toward the poor performance, the truth of Prime Day is that despite the massive amounts of customer behavioral data available, the 36-hour shopping experience offers very little in the way of relevance to the individual customer beyond price discounts.

Instead, it’s likely the biggest loss leader in retail history because Amazon understands an important truth: Prime Day isn’t really about Prime Day. It’s about where shoppers are spending money the rest of the year.

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Thought Leadership

Five myths about the machine on your team

by Olly Downs, PhD

While advances in AI and machine learning tend to provoke one of two reactions—a general dystopian anxiety or vision of a gleaming connected futurist society—the fundamental truth is that we are in the midst of a major disruptive cycle in the way humans and brands interact.

From single-channel applications like natural language processing-enabled chatbots to core AI marketing platforms that orchestrate every customer interaction, 78 percent of marketers are working on adopting or expanding AI in 2018.

Although increased investment in AI and machine learning initiatives permeate the technology roadmap across most major brands, most marketers don’t really have a sense of how AI will affect the daily lives of their teams and customers. With this in mind, we’ve put together this list to help dispel the five myths of AI that we’re commonly seeing across major enterprise marketing teams.

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