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Thinking outside the cart: How retailers can Prime-proof customer loyalty in 2018

by Jen Weiss

Despite website glitches in the early hours of 2018 Prime Day, Amazon still reported a record-setting 100 million products purchased by Prime members in the 36 hour sales event.

What was introduced as a celebratory tie-in to Amazon’s 20th anniversary has become the anticipated summer sales event that overtakes Black Friday. Amazon uses Prime Day to test lucrative sale items, increase membership sign-ups, and build loyalty among consumers. And other major retailers are following suit, from Alibaba’s Singles’ Day to Nordstrom’s popular Anniversary Sale.

In fact, Target reported the highest single day of traffic and sales on its website this year, and Adobe Digital Index measured a similar effect across other large retailers ($1 billion+ in annual revenue) who saw a 54 percent increase in online sales versus average on Prime Day.

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Thought Leadership

New case study: Leading F2P gaming publisher levels up the player experience

As a leader in casual online gaming with more than 80 million active players, DoubleDown Interactive possesses a high-performing portfolio of titles, loyal base of high-value players, and strong revenue growth. However, like many in the ultra-competitive mobile gaming space, they had a large population of players who played infrequently, or worse, were at risk of churning.

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Thought Leadership

Your Guide to AI at 2018 Adobe Summit

For the thousands of marketing innovators converging on Las Vegas for this year’s Adobe Summit on March 25-29, it’s not about seeing Beck live in concert. It’s not about Leslie Jones hosting Adobe Sneaks.

And—despite 84 percent of marketers planning to expand or adopt AI solutions in 2018—it’s not about the machines.

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Media Coverage

AI marketing and the journey through the uncanny valley

by Steven Dunston

Although 78 percent of marketers are adopting or expanding artificial intelligence marketing in 2018, marketers are also uneasy about the uncanny valley. They are concerned that by implementing AI marketing, they will lose control of the customer experience, possibly bewildering or even revolting their customers. While this is a reasonable concern, it could prove to be an unfounded and risky position — because marketers have already forced their customers into the uncanny valley through the use of marketing automation and aggressive personalization. 

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Thought Leadership

Millennials are still on their parent’s phone plans. Here’s how mobile carriers are responding.

by Glenn Pingul

Over the past few years we’ve seen dueling headlines about whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that nearly half of millennials are still on their parents’ mobile subscription. Either “It’s not mooching, it’s saving everyone money,” or “until you leave your family cell phone plan you’re not a real adult.”

Nearly everyone agrees that it’s a way for families to save money. Which can prompt the question, “What’s in it for the mobile carrier?” It turns out that carriers have accepted and even embraced the extended family model. This may be one of those rare cases of a win-win for the family and the provider.

Here are three reasons that today’s mobile carriers don’t mind millennials staying on the family plan.

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