Case Studies

Amplero drives statistically significant lift across the entire customer journey for industry verticals 
​focused on customer lifetime value metrics

Applied AIM at global B2C brands

    • Consistently delivering 1-3% incremental growth in customer topline revenue (on very mature, large businesses)
    • 7x increase average revenue per user lift
    • 5x increase in retention lift
    • Automatically test 1000s of marketing permutations to discover optimal targeting
    • Continuous adaption & improvement without human involvement
    • Enable marketers to refocus on strategy & creative, while the machine focuses on testing/optimization
    • Increase CLV while actually reducing the quantity of customer interactions
    • Identify customers at risk of churning well in advance of the "cancellation" break point allowing time to engage and retain
    • Personalize at scale creating more relevant, impactful experiences across every customer interaction

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