Case Study: Increasing ARPU

Amplero generates value for our partners across the entire customer lifecycle. This particular case study focuses on the revenue stimulation phase.

Customer Information:

  • Major Mobile Carrier Company, EMEA

Program Highlights

  • Increased ARPU
  • Improved Customer Experience

Amplero was able to exceed this partner's expectations with growing the first 30-day Average Revenue Per User from 0.32% to 2.8%. This 9x increase ARPU was totally incremental, allowing for a 90-day revenue lift of 7x. Counter-intuitively to today's norms of marketing tactics, these increases were driven while actually reducing the quantity of consumer messages. The company's business as usual approach was 21 customer touches per month which Amplero was able to refine to just 2. Thus, the revenue generated per customer experience skyrocketed from 0.4¢ to 29.4¢, a 75x increase.

Detailed Program Results

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