Case Study: Increasing Upsell

While Amplero generates ROI for our major customers across the entire customer lifecycle, this particular case study focuses on the window of cross-selling or up-selling to an existing customer base.

Customer Information:

  • Top 5 Mobile Carrier in North America

Program Highlights

  • Reduced Cost of Acquisition
  • Improved ARPU

This partner company was focusing on increasing the migration of customers from their pre-paid model to post-paid. The comparison we show are the results of their marketing models, which are very potent in their own right, against the results from Amplero's models. Amplero was able to convert 18% more people to the post-paid model, and did so for just $1 compared to their typical cost of $40 per acquisition. Not only did Amplero migrate a higher quantity of customers at 40x lower cost, but also generated an 88% lift in the revenue generated by those converting customers. Across the board, Amplero's models generated significant positive impact on this partner's business.

Detailed Program Results

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