Case Study: Reducing Churn

Leveraging machine learning to improve the customer experience

While Amplero generates ROI for our major customers across the entire customer lifecycle, this case study focuses on the customer renewal phase.

Customer Information:

  • Major Mobile Carrier Company, EMEA

Program Highlights

  • Reduced Churn
  • Improved Customer Experience

This partner company utilizes modern, robust SaaS tools in conjunction with a sophisticated data solution managed by their data science team to identify and reduce churn. Their models were identifying customers at risk of churning within just 24 hours of the cancellation break point. Amplero's models increased that window out to almost 3 weeks, with peak prediction accuracy. By elongating the window to retain the customer, Amplero was able to create a more meaningful customer experience for reengaging them, thus increasing the retention lift 4X, from 2% to 10%.

Detailed Program Results

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