The Machine on Your Team: New Study Shows How Marketers Are Adapting in the Age of AI

The Machine On Your Team

New Forrester Research Shows How Marketers Are Adapting in the Age of AI

Do marketers understand the full impact of integrating artificial into their org structure? How are marketing leaders applying core AI technologies to toward mission-critical metrics? What kind of roadmap should marketers apply toward AI marketing platforms?

Download this commissioned study, "The Machine on Your Team: How Marketers Are Adapting in the Age of AI," conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Amplero, to learn more about how marketing leaders are evaluating and leveraging AI in 2018.

+ 63% of respondents believe they have too much data to process in order to gain actionable insights for their campaigns.

+ 84% of marketing leaders surveyed plan to adopt or expand their AI marketing platform initiatives within the next year.

+ 87% of C-level marketing execs believe human intervention with AI is necessary.

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