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Learn how leading mobile providers are leveraging artificial intelligence to drive significant 
​revenue lift and churn reduction

See how a major mobile carrier increased campaign ROI by 650% in less than ten months.

Today’s major mobile operators invest a tremendous amount of money in above the line campaigns to attract new customers. The industry’s dirty little secret is that these likely aren’t new customers. Rather, they are former customers re-acquired once more, often resulting in expensive plan or device discounts to get them back. This behavior, while necessary, is largely unprofitable. Something must change.

In developed countries, the “winners” will emerge over the next several years from the mobile operator who can figure out a way to stop the constant bleed of churning customers. With monthly churn estimates upwards of 2% of their entire postpaid customer base, leading mobile carriers are locked in an industry-wide battle to acquire and keep their most valuable subscribers by delivering highly contextual, personalized experiences and offers across channels.

While every major operator has invested 10’s of millions of dollars in big data solutions and built out large data science teams, these efforts have failed to reverse course and high churn rates abound. Despite access to increasingly large amounts of customer behavioral and profile data, data science modeling coupled with legacy marketing tools (which require users to write 1000’s of if/then rules) simply require too much manual heavy lifting to keep up with the pace of the modern mobile consumer.

While humans and legacy tools don’t scale, computers and algorithms are perfect for mathematically optimizing every customer interaction across the customer lifecycle. An emerging class of technology—artificial intelligence marketing—automatically activates and optimizes the giant, information-rich data that sits untapped in large data stores/lakes across enterprises worldwide. Today’s artificial intelligence marketing tools have been proven to ingest every data touchpoint and continuously optimize every cross-channel experience to drive topline revenue lift and reduce subscriber churn.

Download Amplero's 2017 Telecommunications Case Study to learn how a top-5 North American mobile carrier implemented a core artificial intelligence marketing platform in under 90 days, and achieved a 650% ROI increase in less than 10 months generating millions in incremental revenue.

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