When 1:1 is not enough: The CMO's Guide to Influencer Optimization

Amplero's latest machine learning breakthrough drives 1.28x ROI amplification in first-degree connections of targeted users.

Influencer marketing is going to look a lot different in 2017. Up until now, the term strictly applied to so-called influencers—ranging from A-list celebrities all the way down to niche Instagram stars with a few thousand followers—being paid to subtly promote or endorse products to followers.

It’s part of the broader shift from mass media to individualized, highly contextual marketing.

In 2017, based on new research from Columbia University, HEC Paris, and Amplero, customer-obsessed brands will take it one step further and identify the everyday spheres of influence within their customer or prospect networks based on behavioral data.

Influencers will no longer just apply to fashion stars, video game gurus, or parent bloggers.

Instead, it’s any individual that has a quantifiable effect on first- and second-degree connections within your customer or prospect database—to the tune of a 1.28x ROI multiplier on non-targeted users.

The game has officially changed. Interested in learning more?

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