Assess Your AI Marketing Maturity

Learn how modern enterprises are evolving from AI initiation to integration

Where does your enterprise rank on the AI Marketing maturity curve?

According to a recent Amplero-commissioned Forrester study, “The Machine on Your Team,” 84% of marketing leaders plan to adopt or expand their AI Marketing (AIM) initiatives within the next year.

However, before marketing, analytics, and IT executives can build a viable AI roadmap in 2018 and 2019, it’s critical to understand their KPIs and take an honest assessment of their organization’s AI Marketing maturity current state.

From global brands utilizing AI to make billions of marketing decisions per week to legacy companies working to achieve metric parity between siloed systems, a wide range of adoption and integration exists throughout traditional industries.

With an emerging AI technology so chock-full of sales hype and opaque data science, gaining a true sense of organizations currently applying AI to real use cases can prove a tough proposition for even the savviest team.

However, utilizing Forrester research, MITSloan’s “Reshaping Artifical Intelligence,” and our Amplero team of experts helping enterprise marketers adopt AI/ML solutions, we’ve created an AI Maturity Curve to help executives assess their current state and make an attainable plan for advancing their organization’s maturity level to better meet customer and business goals.

Four stages of AI Marketing Maturity:

1. Initiation
2. Incubation
3. Iteration
4. Integration

Whether you’re planning an AI RFP, wanting to scale your optimization and experimentation initiatives, or simply looking for new ways to glean ROI from your existing data infrastructure investments in a competitive industry, talk to our team today to help assess your current state, identify AI use cases, and build an implementation roadmap.


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