When 1:1 is Not Enough

The CMO Guide to Social Graph Marketing

No customer is an island.

Today's brands have invested billions of dollars in capturing and unifying data to deliver 1:1 customer experiences. However, it's no longer enough to focus only on the behavioral and profile attributes of an individual customer.

After all, no customer is an island. In 2018, it's critical to know how they interact with the connections around them to truly have a lasting relationship with your customer.

As part of the Amplero AI Marketing Cloud, brands are able to not only quantify number and strength of connections within for their customers, but also understand how their actions impact the non-targeted connections of each customer.

In an Amplero study with Columbia University and HEC Paris published by the American Marketing Association's Journal of Marketing Research, researchers validated a social multiplier effect of 1.28 on non-targeted connections of customers who received targeted campaigns.

Learn more about the social graph capabilities offered with Amplero AI Marketing Cloud:

+ Identify and intervene earlier with customers who are at risk for churn based on the behavior and status of connections within their networks

+ Increase campaign efficiency and impact by targeting customers with the highest degree and strength of connections within their social graph

+ Measure and understand the ripple effect of targeted campaigns on non-targeted customers across engagement channels

The game has officially changed. Interested in learning more?

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