Use Case: Customer Onboarding

Increase new customer awareness and product engagement with Amplero AI Marketing


Increase new customer awareness and product engagement

Business Goals:

  • + First year churn rate reduction

  • + Increase in reported customer satisfaction

  • + Increased interaction with the product within the first 3 months


After acquisition, new customers must be made aware of what’s possible, where to access key features and functionality, and how to successfully accomplish tasks. The right onboarding experience reduces consumer frustration, increases consumer trust, and proves the value of your product or services. Successful onboarding results in more satisfied and engaged customers who are less likely to look for an alternative to your offering.

Most customer onboarding experiences consist of a predetermined path through which all customers must flow.

Amplero is different.

The Amplero AI Marketing Cloud ingests all available customer data to create a true 360-degree view. The marketer inputs the long-term goal, such as reducing churn during a given time, and all available content for a program. Then, the Amplero AI Marketing Cloud runs simultaneous tests of all applicable marketing variables to determine what most effectively motivates desired customer behavior and drives to the ultimate goal.


  • + Engage customers in a consistent, relevant way leading to faster adoption, increased usage, and higher retention rates

  • + Optimize to long-term customer metrics like reduction of first year churn rates rather than simple open rates or engagement time.

  • + Gain marketing efficiency – Amplero AIM continuously tests, learns and optimizes to deliver the best experiences for each customer, using available content and set business goals. This means there is no lag time during the critical early weeks and months of a customer’s journey.

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