Use Case: Usage Depth / Breadth

Get customers more engaged and for longer with Amplero AI Marketing


Get customers more engaged and for longer periods

Business goals:

  • + Increased session days

  • + Increased session minutes

  • + Increased conversion rate


Customer engagement drives increased mindshare and satisfaction as your offering becomes a part of a customer’s life. Getting users to use more features and engage more often can be challenging.

Amplero can help find out the best way to spur feature adoption and increase active use.

The Amplero AI Marketing Cloud takes in all available customer data sources and enriches it to create a full view of the customer. The marketer enters the top-level goal to which to optimize and all available content. Then, the Amplero AI Marketing Cloud uses begins to experiment and determine what marketing is likely to be most effective to drive customer usage – either digging deeper into the product or using additional features. Amplero continuously optimizes, meaning customers are likely to get more individualized messages based on their behavior, making each interaction seem more relevant and engaging.


  • + Fewer touches and better results by sending targeted messages that inspire action instead of pre-scheduled messages sent without regard for personal preferences and behaviors

  • + Optimize to long-term customer metrics like customer lifetime value and retention rates that often are connected to increased usage and deeper interactions with a product or service.

  • + Engage customers in a consistent, relevant way leading increased usage and higher satisfaction and retention rates.

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