Use Case: Reacquisition

Reacquire customers with Amplero AI Marketing by applying existing analytics and awareness, resulting in lower acquisition costs.


Customers leave for a competitor

Business goals:

Increase percentage of customers re-acquired after 9+ months of dormancy


When a customer defects to a competitor it sometimes is simple to figure out why (e.g., price promotion or giveaway) while other times it may be less obvious. It could take months of multivariate testing to determine how to lure those customers back in. Amplero can help.

Customer re-acquisition can be extremely profitable. These past customers leave a path of data – transactional, behavioral and profile attributes – that provides a significant amount of valuable information. Additionally, these customers already are familiar with your company and offerings, so you can skip building awareness and jump right into delivering relevant marketing experiences.

With Amplero AIM, the marketer can input general boundaries (e.g., customers who have not purchased in the previous 9 months), as well as all available marketing content, and the overall business goal to which to optimize. Then, Amplero AIM runs all available experiments and continuously applies learnings to determine what is most likely to get the customer to return faster, at the lowest incentive cost, and with higher accuracy than previously possible.


  • + Greater customer satisfaction through fewer, highly targeted, relevant and consistent messages and offers.
  • + Lower cost of acquisition vs acquiring net new customers for whom no historical data is available.

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