Use Case: Win Back

Reengage inactive customers with Amplero AI Marketing by applying more targeted, effective marketing interactions that drive results.


Entice dissatisfied or dormant customers to return to active use

Business goals:

  • + Re-engage customers who have not made a purchase in the last 6 months.

  • + Increase in the number of players who resume active play after being dormant


When a customer stops purchasing or cancels a contract, it can be a challenge to win them back. That said, it’s worth the effort when compared with the steep cost of acquiring a new customer. A marketer knows efforts to re-engage that customer will be fruitful but may not know what offer may work to entice the customer to make a purchase.

Marketers can use transactional data to set bounds on what audience should be targeted with a win-back effort. Then, they can rely on Amplero AIM to test what messages and offers work best on which customers. Through continuous testing and optimization, Amplero helps reengage dormant customers by encouraging them to make purchases after time away.


  • + Lower acquisition costs by making use of known customer information to better target

  • + Lift in ARPU as lapsed customers are re-engaged and motivated to make a purchase

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