Use Case: Retention / Churn

Identify at-risk customers before it's too late. Amplero detects churn risk sooner and more accurately, increasing the likelihood of a save.


Identify at-risk customers early enough to take meaningful action and make a save

Example business goals:

  • + Decrease in churn rate over a 30-day period

  • + Increased YoY retention rate


If a customer is considering leaving, the more time you have to make a save, the more likely you are to be successful. Amplero goes beyond looking at simple transactional data, instead applying a robust model that incorporates all available attributes to identify at-risk customers faster and with more accuracy, enabling the optimization of retention efforts.

Because Amplero works across all engagement channels, organizations can align resources to better save at-risk customers (e.g., triaging by churn risk score and value for customer care response). For example, customers can be triaged by churn risk score and value for offers and customer care response.


  • + Earlier identification of at-risk customers provides marketers with time to intervene (21 days vs 2) with messages designed to save/ retain

  • + Centralized decisioning across all channels ensures relevant, consistent interactions that can lead to more positive outcomes

  • + Retention lift due to early identification allowing for implementation of effective save efforts

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