Use Case: Renewal / Return Visit

Identify and adapt interactions throughout the customer lifecycle to increase the perception of value and lead to subscription renewal or a return visit (to physical store or online)


Increase percentage of existing customers making repeat purchases/return visits

Business goals:

  • + Increase in customers who renew after initial contract expiration

  • + Increase in continuity (i.e., continuous contract over time)

  • + Increase in return visits by customers who have made at least one purchase


Subscription offerings mean customers need to see value in your product throughout the lifecycle because an upfront, one-time purchase no longer is the norm. It is imperative to know what motivates the customer and what they value most. To do this, you must have an intimate view of the customer. Amplero AIM helps you do this by moving beyond simple transactional data to show you what really influences behavior.

Providing a true 360-degree longitudinal view of your customers, Amplero AIM identifies customer attributes that matter, enabling more accurate targeting and optimization. And, because Amplero AIM is works across all channels, organizations can align resources and messages to optimize to business goals.

The result: contextual, timely, and relevant customer experiences that have impact.


  • + Run smarter, measurable campaigns: develop and execute 1:1 marketing at scale. be able to measure the full impact of your campaigns on customers who were directly targeted, as well as those with whom they interact

  • + Get deep actionable insight about your customers: find out what really motivates your customers so that you can increase effectiveness of your marketing efforts

  • + Execute and optimize more targeted campaigns faster and with continuous optimization, no lag time for analysis or dependencies on other teams.

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